Pon, A Punctureless Pushpin

Pon is the best way to display and suspend anything you might have previously used a push pin or wall tack for. The design has a unique patent pending geometry within its coil to hug objects so you don't have to stab them.

Just slide what you want to display inside the coil. There's even a special angle in the coil that allows for objects to be inserted without crumpling.
Pon was designed to have just the right amount of spirals to maintain a full grip and can hold thick objects like coasters and album jackets. Or many layers of small objects like reminder notes. It's made from heat-treated stainless steel, which allows it to spring back to it's original shape even after it's expanded.
About the same size as a regular thumb tack. 
Pon can do some serious heavy lifting.
You can now express yourself and display things you would have previously stashed in a drawer or shoebox.
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